Thermal Transfer Barcode Ribbons.

Thermal Transfer Barcode Ribbons —– Manufacturer

Barcode Ribbons

Indian Barcode Corporation – Quality conscious company engaged in manufacturing and supplying unbeatable Thermal Transfer Ribbon. We are serving our quality products to various kinds of industries like-Manufacturing units, Retail Stores, Pharma industries, Automobile industries, Logistics etc. Every type of ribbon has got two-three types of variant quality. Barcode Ribbons are also known as thermal transfer Ribbons. Our Ribbons are highly compatible for all kinds of Barcode Printers. A Thermal Transfer Ribbon will be required to print the labels. These Ribbons are available at very economical prices to offer maximum satisfaction to customers.

These thermal transfer ribbons deliver long lasting durable printing impression. Our thermal transfer ribbons are of supreme quality and durable. They are based on latest technology that results in extended print head life. Our thermal ribbons are cost efficient and are manufactured as per the requirement of the clients.
Product Highlights:
•Reduced heat settings and extended print head life.
•Excellent printing across different face stocks including uncoated / coated papers, tag, stocks, gloss materials, and many synthetic products.
•Outstanding optical image density provides one of the darkest imaging ribbons in the market.
•Increased resin content offers excellent smear and scratch resistance
•Proprietary back coating system minimizes print head wear and buildup, while dissipating static electricity.
•Offers high-speed printing

Following are the kinds of ribbons we are making:

General Purpose: Wax ribbons

I ) IBCW 12A Normal Wax Ribbon.

II ) IBCW 14A Premium Wax Ribbon.

A complete line of wax ribbons is available for your general-purpose applications. Developed, designed and produced to printers’ manufacturer’s strict specifications, these ribbons offer excellent print quality at an economical price.

Recommended Media: Coated and uncoated Paper Tag and Label Stocks
General Purpose Labeling
Retail Labeling
Shipping & Receiving Labeling

Wax-Resin ribbons

I ) IBCW 20A Normal Wax Resin Ribbon.

II ) IBCW 20N Premium Wax Resin Ribbon.

Designed for today’s high-speed printers, wax-resin ribbons provide an exceptional level of smudge and scratch resistance, while printing at speeds as high as 12 IPS. The level of print quality is also exceptional, especially for complex label formats – normal or rotated bar-coded, logos and graphics.
Recommended Media: Coated Paper Tag and Label Stocks, and Polyester Films

Work-in-Process Labeling
Compliance Labeling
Textile and Apparel Labeling

Resin Ribbons

I ) IBCR 22 Normal Resin Ribbon.

II ) IBCR 30 Premium Resin Ribbon.

Our line of premium resin ribbons offers maximum durability for demanding industrial applications where resistance to extreme abrasion, heat and/or chemicals is required. In addition, our premium ribbons operate at lower print head energy settings, allowing you to extend print head life and reduce maintenance.

Recommended Media: Nylon, Satin fabrics and synthetic label stocks
Garment Care Labeling
Chemical Drum Labeling
Automotive Labeling

Wash Care Ribbon

I ) IBCW 50 Wash Care Ribbon

Wash care Resin ribbon is capable of handling extreme environmental labeling. Highly chemical resistant including alcohol and petro chemicals. Unmatched in abrasion and solvent resistance. UL/CSA recognized with matching receiver .Wide print latitude to broad range of plastic films, synthetics and polyesters. Some Recommended Applications: extreme environment labeling, circuit board labels, chemical drum, automotive, signage, electronic component, product identification and asset tracking labeling. Specially formulated for use on care labels providing excellent resistance to dry cleaning, home washing, industrial washing and ironing. This super premium resin offers high definition and density and can be used on flat head and near edge printers. High printing density and definition wash care ribbon (premium resin ribbon) available for many types of barcode printers.

Near Edge Ribbon

I ) IBCW 20NE Near Edge Ribbon

Near Egde-Wax/Resin for High speed (Near-edge Printers) with abrasion resistance. The perfect high quality resolution images on a wide variety of label stocks.

Characteristics: Abrasion resistance, Extensive label applicability, High blackness & High definition, Low print cost and antistatic formulation, easy handing and printing head protection

Recommend Applications: Common purpose labels, Shipping& receiving labels, Inventory labels and Bin labels, Pharmaceutical labels, Product identification labels, Textile & apparel application, Automotive labels, Hazardous material labels.
Recommend Substrates: Chrome paper, Pep film, Ppfilm, PE film etc.

Thermal Barcode Ribbons Grades/Quality available with us –Wax, Wax Resin, Resin, Wash Care, Near Edge.

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