Jewelry Tag & Label

jlabel       ~* Jewelry Label *~ is a modernized and developed article to smarten up the jewelry items in your store.  It is normally applied to print out by barcode printer to identify individual jewelry item with price, stone weight, metal weight and so on.The usual shapes of jewelry label are*rat-tail* and *dumbbell

Jewelry labels are available in various formats, most common rattail (long-tail) and dumbbell. These labels can be used with a computer or keyboard display unit for stand alone printing. Jewelry labels can be used to display information about your products, including product code, short description, price and a barcode.

The Jewelry Tags division of Indian Barcode Corporation began as a result of a search for a stronger, higher quality jewelry tag with elegant design and superior print performance and durability. Engineering labels and tags for a specific purpose is one of our strongest assets. Over the years we have regularly received requests from clients to create products that outperform industry standards. In doing so, we have expanded and manufacture specialty labels for many different applications including medical, electronic, industrial and the jewelry industry.

We are specialized in manufacturing Rattail Jewelry Tags, Void Jewelry Labels. The Rattail Jewelry Tag is sometimes referred to as a string tag and is quite possibly the most versatile tag design made. The adjustable loop provides you with the flexibility to easily fit chains, bracelets, rings, eye wear and much more! As the manufacturer, we can offer a variety of sizes and materials ranging from industry standard to extra thick to create strong, tear resistant rattail tags. Regardless of your printer brand or model number we have tags that are compatible!

We offer a quick re-order process and we offer you the flexibility to build a tag for your specific needs. You choose and if you are not sure, contact our customer service department and we can help you make the selections that best fit your requirements.

Indian Barcode Corporation Tags has made ordering your jewelry tag and ribbon combos easier than ever before! We’ve matched our most popular tags with the correct ribbon to fit your printer.

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