Anti Shoplifting Solutions.

Looking for an anti shoplifting solution for your business? I think we have some insight that might help make your decision less blinding.

Anti shoplifting is the focus of many retailers especially in a tough economy. One of the biggest profit killers of any retail establishment is shoplifting. So the question is, how do you stop shoplifting? Well, that’s a tough question. There really is no way to completely stop shoplifting but having a solid business plan and utilizing tools like checkpoint security systems can truly help stop shoplifting in your stores. What is a checkpoint security system ? A EAS security system usually consists of placing or installing antenna’s at the front of a store and placing EAS tags on merchandise or placing security tags on clothing. Now depending on what type of merchandise you sell, this will dictate the type of EAS tags you should use. A pretty straight forward process.

Retail theft prevention is not only responsible, it boosts your profits. Shoplifters can quickly ravage a store, and left unchallenged will hurt the morale of the store associates and eventually kill the business. Anti shoplifting measures must be taken to help curb these incidents and stop shoplifting . Retail theft prevention is true possibility, but you must take the first step and develop an anti shoplifting program. EAS security systems will help prevent retail theft and will help put your business back in the black. If your store is experiencing inventory shrinkage and you are at a loss for the next step, consider what you’ve done to help your store stop shoplifting.

Shoplifting has been around since almost the beginning of time. Shop owners and retailers have had the anti shoplifting battles for thousands of years. There are several solutions out there. Get professional advice.
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Retail Store Theft Prevention Solutions.

One of the biggest issues facing retailers and business owners in today’s society is the prevalence of shoplifting and theft.   It is estimated that retailers lose up to $25 million worth of merchandise per day for a total loss of more than $10 billion dollars per year! There is virtually no way to eliminate theft completely but there are deterrents to theft which can be utilized in a retail environment.Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) equipment are just a few of the items that will help reduce the incidence of theft in retail stores.

An EAS or Electronic Article Surveillance system consists of three key components. The first component is the detection system (1). The detection system (1) is the equipment located at a stores entrance and exit that alarms if a security tag (2) is removed. The detection system can take many forms but is most commonly comprised of two detection antennas on either side of a door. The second components is the security tag (2). The security tag (2) is attached to the item that is to be protected from theft. There are different types of security tags (2) that can be attached to an item by a variety of methods. The two most popular methods of attaching security tags (2) are using a thumbtack like pin connected to a security hard alarm tag or applying a stick-on security label(soft tag) to a smooth flat surface on the item. Soft tags can only be used once while hard tags can be reused and may last for decades. The security tag (2) is neutralized by the third component which can either be a hard tag detacher (3) or a soft tag deactivator (3). A hard tag detacher (3) is the mechanism used to remove the pin from a security hard tag. There are many types of hard tag detachers to correspond with the different types of hard tag. A soft tag deactivator (3) is the machine used to turn off or deactivate a soft tag. In summation, a customer will walk in to a store through a pair of security antennas. They will select a tagged item from the sales floor. The customer will bring this item up to the sales counter where the tag will be neutralized by either being removed in the case of the hard tag or turned off in the case of the soft tag. The customer can now leave the store without setting of the detection system alarm.
EAS or Electronic Article Surveillance equipment is essential to prevent shoplifting through effective retail security, loss prevention or Store Security programs. Retail store inventory shrinkage can be greatly reduced by employment of the right anti theft methods. Shoplifting can be held in check with detection systems coordinated with deactivation tag systems, using paper labels or stickers as a secondary or primary layer of inventory loss prevention. Bar code stickers are a great way to trick the shoplifter about the identity of the security tag. White security labels can have their own advantages for concealment. Soft security tags are extremely effective retail loss prevention tools.
Indian Barcode Corporation is the premier supplier of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems and accessories. IBC offers retailers the most effective anti-shoplifting technology available. With the highest detection rate in the industry,IBC’s EAS systems, based on Ultra-Max®, the authentic Acousto-Magnetic (AM) technology, allow for wide exit coverage, reliable deactivation, and virtually no false alarms. IBC’s Electronic Article Surveillance systems are designed to help retailers boost their sales and protect their profits by increasing open merchandising opportunities, while deterring criminals and reducing shoplifting and internal theft.

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