5 Reasons for IBC Ribbons

5 Reasons Why You Should use IBC Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Your Barcode Printing ?

March 8, 2013

Thermal transfer ribbons are a required component if you use thermal transfer printers to print labels.  Finding ways to lower your ribbon costs and maintain high quality labeling printing in your operation can seem impossible.  Using IBC ribbons is a cost-effective solution to get the ribbons you need for printing labels, without sacrificing print quality.

(1) IBC ribbons can save you money.

Ribbons are a repeat cost in thermal transfer label printing applications.  IBC ribbons offer comparable or better quality label printing to other top ribbon brands, without the higher cost.  Over the life of your thermal transfer printer, you can achieve significant cost savings by using IBC ribbons.  It’s an easy way to cut costs on a product that is required in thermal transfer label printing applications.

(2) IBC ribbons deliver superior print quality.

IBC thermal transfer ribbons deliver barcode label printing quality that is comparable or better than other top ribbon brands.  IBC ribbons offer superior definition and print quality for crisp bar codes, text and images for any application and price point.  They are compatible with a host of barcode labels and printers to meet any application and barcode label printing need.

(3) IBC ribbons provide proven performance.

IBC ribbons are designed with specific ribbon formulations that have provided consistent performance for many years.  All IBC ribbons have been tested in the field and by our product research and development experts to assure quality, durability, and print performance.

(4) IBC ribbons are available for nearly every application.

From simple shipping labels to harsh-environment film labels, there’s a IBC thermal transfer ribbon to meet any application and barcode label printing need.  The newly expanded IBC ribbon family includes everything from standard wax for everyday use to specialty resins & Wash Care for harsh environment applications.  You can see the full line of IBC ribbons and detailed specification sheets here.


(5) IBC ribbons offer easy, no-hassle drop-in replacement of your current ribbon.

Selecting the right thermal transfer ribbon for your label and barcode printer is critical for any barcode label printing application.  IBC ribbons make it easy to replace your current ribbon with a IBC ribbon, without compromising print quality.  Many IBC ribbons can be used as a simple drop-in replacement for your existing ribbon that does not require any changes to your current print speed, temperature or label stock.  Testing is always recommended to assure compability with your label, printer and application.

Complimentary IBC Ribbon Samples are Available

Test a IBC ribbon and see how you can achieve high-quality bar code label printing and save money.

Talk with our experts about your IBC thermal transfer ribbon options. To find out more information, contact or call +91-011-28032434/9810822688, email id: gm@indianbarcode.com

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